Subha Chaudhuri is an expressionist artist based in Seattle. Born in Calcutta (India), Subha was greatly influenced by the artistic and literary traditions of the Bengali culture. Subha also spent several years in Mumbai (India), where she attended the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. She has lived in Chicago since 2008, where she earned an MBA from the University of Chicago, and she now works as a management consultant for a leading financial services company.


Subha derives the greatest joy and meaning from exploring her artistic passions, and her art mirrors her approach to life - bold, relentless, and exploratory. She enjoys experimenting with vivid colors, layers and textures, especially in the Impasto style using a palette knife. Her artwork is greatly influenced by her everyday experiences: a compelling current event, a meaningful social cause, or her occasional travels.


Subha prefers the acrylic medium, and her signature work includes emotive tableaux that explore the mythological, social and cultural influences of the past and the present.